This being a copy of an email that I sent today to Sarah Teather on the matter of her vote in parliament yesterday on equal marriage.


I am writing to you as a party member to let you know that I am incredibly disappointed by your vote against equal marriage.

I note that you have already received a high volume of feedback on your Facebook page, and I am sure that mine is not the only email, phone call or letter that you will receive on the matter.

Many of these responses to your position have been rather personal in nature. Normally such attacks make me uncomfortable. However I must say that in your case these feel justified given that your post excusing your vote is entirely a personal attack on the freedoms for homosexuals to marry.

I wish to take issue particularly with your position on two points, which though not particularly original, jar with me as a grassroots party member and you being a member of parliament for the Liberal Democrats. The two points may summarised by the fact that your stance is neither

a)       Liberal; or

b)       Democratic.


I don’t feel that I need to explain to you why your position is illiberal – you admit so much yourself, where you clearly struggle with your internal bigotry and the ideals of your parliamentary party and the social liberalism uniting the core of the membership.

It is fundamentally illiberal of you to deny the rights of a group of people based on their sexuality access to declare their love for one another in a state-sanctioned manner available to others. It is no less illiberal to legislate against the social rights of people by the colour of their skin or their gender. Such racism or sexism wouldn’t be acceptable for a member of parliament, why should you expect your homophobia to get away unchecked?

I won’t belabour this point, but feel that the general strength of feeling against your religious conservatism is expressed very well in this blog by Lee Griffin. He gives you a jolly good fisking, exposing your inconsistencies and lack of reason.


The basis of our parliament is one of representative democracy. You were elected by the people of Brent with a slim majority of 3.0% – only 1,345 people. They asked you to go to parliament, on a liberal manifesto, to represent their views. Do you think that there are fewer than 1,345 gay people in your constituency?

Now it may be that in your particular constituency you know that there is a very strong conservative religious majority, but a) I doubt that you have conducted a sufficient poll to provide evidence of this, and b) this is not the argument you make in your excuse for voting ‘no’.

A June 2012 YouGov survey shows highly accepting attitudes of the British population toward LGBT rights. The report found that 71% are in favour of same-sex marriage. Without good contradictory local data, I think this is a reasonable basis to state that at best, your attack on the rights of homosexuals to declare their love through the medium of marriage to mirror that of less than a third of your constituents.

Putting your personal views ahead of the will of your constituents and that of the UK population as a whole, goes wholly against the spirit of representative democracy. By willfully entering parliament, knowing that you were unable to put aside your own homophobia, and making that the vote on historic record for the people of Brent exposes that you should be declared unfit to perform your job.

The stance that you and your fellow 174 (mostly Tory) bigoted chums took in parliament do expose the strong need for another Lib Dem policy to be enacted though – that being parliamentary reform; in your case, the right of recall.

As you clearly feel that your role as an MP is to act like an emperor, I shall leave you with the words of one of history’s greatest; the stoic Marcus Aurelius, to remind you that if your God ever asks you to perform hateful acts in His name, you should ignore His temptation and respond to the world with love.

 “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”

Yours aye,


Tweety Bunny